Diy Mid Century Modern Buffet

Unforgettable Mid Century Modern Buffet

Mid century modern buffet – Starting with insert two 1 x 3-inch furring strips between each pair of cabinets, one front and one behind. Drill pilot holes through the cabinet, furring strips and the second chassis. Insert three screws holding the cabinet together. Carve 2:01 x 3-inch furring strips to fit along the front outside edge of the outer cabinet. Nail them in place. Cutting pieces of plywood to fit over the outsides end cabinets.

Nail the plywood in place. Cutting a 1/2 x 1-inch grid to fit over the front wood cabinets plus 1 inch. Nail this strip place just beneath drawers in cabinets. Slice 1/2-by-2-inch lattice strips to fit over the spacers between cabinets. Install metal foot plates on the outer corners of the bottom of the cabinet. Insert the five screws in each foot plate bottom edge of the cabinet. Twist feet to mid century modern buffet legs. Cover with buffet upright. Decide where to place the drawer knobs vertically on the tray. Drill holes in the trays at the marks. Screw drawer knobs in place.

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Nail a small block of wood in each enclosure behind doors in the place where you want to install push lock. Install push latch with screws. Make sure the push lock is even with the front of the cabinet. Put the metal plate to the end of the push lock. Screw the metal plate in place on the back of the door. Cutting a piece of plywood to fit over the top of the cabinet. Cutting pieces of 3/4-inch bed molding to fit under the plywood. Nail molding into place under the edge of the plywood front and two sides. And the mid century modern buffet was done.