Install Mid Century Modern Cabinet Hardware

Popular Mid Century Modern Cabinet Hardware

Mid century modern cabinet hardware – Box is just as beautiful as the accessories that complement them. The perfect gift for your kitchen or bathroom is the perfect hardware than make them the central point of focus when entering the room. Of course, it helps if they are practical too.

Knobs and pulls, remove old hardware from the cabinets. If necessary, plug the holes with dowel rod and wood glue. Let glue set overnight. Measure the whole centers in new mid century modern cabinet hardware and mark the doors then. Next, drill the holes with a 3/16-inch drill bit. Install the hardware with the supplied screws and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver. Be sure to tighten pull tight and not too hard. Polish fingerprints off of the new hardware if needed.

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Install mid century modern cabinet hardware hinge, Remove the screws on the hinges that hold them to the cabinets. Keep all screws. Remove the hinge screws holding the hinges to the door. Keep the screws and hinges together. Place the new hinges of the old holes and attach them to the doors of the new screws. Line up the new hinge to the holes in the cabinet frame and insert a screw. Pull it tight against the frame. Repeat for the remaining doors. Do not tighten the screws as it will compromise the integrity of the hinge.