Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp Styles

Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp DIY

Mid century modern floor lamp – Lamp styles have changed dramatically over the decades, with Ikea is a very popular source of lighting in these modern times. But recent decades have floor lamps with fine architectural details, different materials and different lighting effects. Floor lamps from the 1950s offers a wide selection of materials and lighting effects, and the fresh rooms look.

Torchiere mid century modern floor lamp generally have a solid and sustainable base with a thin neck, rises to a shade that opens toward the ceiling, allowing light to bounce off the ceiling and gives a soft, glowing effect. In the 1950s, Torchiere floor lamps were popular. The soft, ambient light from the clean lines of torchiere was part of the new decorating ideas are gaining in popularity in the 1950s.

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By the time 1950 came, people had the opportunity to decorate, rather than just utilitarian items, and the lights of the decade represented a sense of fun with clean lines and globes, hourglasses and rings. Another popular type of 1950s mid century modern floor lamp are gooseneck lamps bent which way you needed or wanted the light to go. There may be one or more gooseneck lamps in a simple stand that rose gracefully from the floor. Gooseneck lamps were popular in Europe, especially Italian-made gooseneck lamps.