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Mid century modern shower curtain – Finding the perfect modern shower curtain … It’s not easy! At least, it has not been for me! What I’m looking for: an interesting selection that will also allow you to light in. My last place was a shower that had translucent glass doors, and I have to say that I was very attached to the luminosity of space. If you have asked any of these questions, today’s post is for you. We have assembled a wealth of curtain findings from the shower, from the vibrant and geometric to the simple and elegant. What is your style of shower curtain? Check out the following articles

Of course I prefer the screens, but it is true that especially in flats rent where you do not want to make a big investment if the screen is not already installed, put a nice shade is quite convenient and much cheaper, what happens is That mid century modern shower curtain are always opaque, I do not know why they are not made transparent like glass.

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Okay that of colors with drawings and others are more decorative, but being in the completely surrounded by mid century modern shower curtain to me it is sometimes a little claustrophobic, also prevent the passage of light if they are very high … Wow that this curtain I’ve found with the top transparent like a window, I found funny and very stylish.